After years of dabbling with hobby art projects while pursuing various other career paths, it occurred to me to write a children’s book for my daughter. During the writing process, the book was begging me to paint the animals as well, which I timidly attempted and soon found that I loved illustrating. The Polar Bear Songbook was published in 2017, and quite suddenly I found that I had become a career artist/author.

I am currently working on two further children’s books, but they are a long way from being published. The main reason for this is that I am a Mom, but also I must work on more profitable art before I am able to spent more time on my books. Namely, I am focusing on freelance writing jobs as well as offering low-cost pet portraits while I practice the trade and build my portfolio.

I also really enjoy taking photographs — particularly of nature. I usually find myself getting “up close and personal” in order to thoroughly examine an object’s details. I am absolutely fascinated with nature, and it gives me great joy to capture on camera things that we don’t often see as we observe the world from a comfortable distance.

In addition to illustration and photography, my favorite projects are ones that require absurd amounts of patience. I particularly enjoy finding ways to incorporate unwanted items into my art — hence, my love for quilting, crocheting, handmade twine, and paper-making. I feel passionate about reducing the waste we send to the landfill, and by using my hands and patience to create new life for fabric scraps and old paper, I feel that I am able to apply myself to an often-overlooked problem of humanity. Creating “repurposeful art” in this way gives my job a deeper purpose and is extremely fulfilling.

Please stay a while and peruse my menagerie of media. If you like what you see, send me an email at MeredithWomacCook@gmail.com.