I have created this website in an effort to further embrace my identity as an artist and to log my various artistic endeavors all in a single place. After many years of dabbling with art projects but always hesitant to call myself a “real” artist, it occurred to me to illustrate my first children’s book, The Polar Bear Songbook. During that project, I began to really identify as an illustrator and I realized that I have finally achieved my lifetime dream of being a career artist.



In addition to illustration and photography, my favorite projects are ones that require absurd amounts of patience. I particularly enjoy finding ways to incorporate unwanted items into my art — hence, my love for quilting, crocheting, handmade twine, and paper-making. I feel passionate about reducing the waste we send to the landfill, and by using my hands and patience to create new life for fabric scraps and old paper, I feel that I am able to apply myself to a huge and often-overlooked problem of humanity. Creating “repurposeful art” in this way gives my job purpose and is extremely fulfilling.



Please stay a while and peruse my menagerie of media. If you like what you see, send me an email at MeredithWomacCook@gmail.com.

(Note: Artwork available for purchase is dual-posted under the “for sale” tab on the homepage‚Äč. Photograph prints listed under that tab are available as limited-edition prints.)