The Polar Bear Songbook

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This project began as a simple folk song that my mother sang to me as a child. My grandmother had also sung it to her as a child, and we believe it may have gone back generations.

The polar bear lives in a climate that's bold.
He never gets hot, nor he never gets cold.
Because where he lives, summer barely occurs.
And the rest of the year he has plenty of furs.

For me, this song evokes deep-seated feelings of comfort and reassurance. I have warm memories of my mother singing it to calm my worries or help me through an injury.

When I was expecting my own daughter, I knew I would sing this song to her; but I felt like it needed more verses. I added two new verses before she was born.

The hummingbird's wings beat terrifically fast.
So without constant food, her zeal will not last.
With her special tongue, she can manage this feat.
And she drinks only nectar that's strikingly sweet.
27 hummingbird

It just so happens that my daughter loves for me to sing to her (and loves to sing, herself), so I found myself adding more and more verses.

The little brown bat flies at night for a snack.
He calls out and waits for his sound echoed back.
This paints him an image and puts him on the mark,
so that he can find insects to eat in the dark.

Once my daughter was about two years old, I realized I had enough verses to make a songbook. I tried my hand at illustrating the verses, and was frankly surprised at my ability to paint recognizable animals! (It’s amazing what we, as parents, can make happen for the sake of our children.)


It wasn’t long before I developed a passion for illustration, and decided to publish this collection as my first children’s book.


If you would like to hear The Polar Bear Song in my voice, I have made a simple recording here. The first verse is how I sing it to my daughter, and for the second verse I sang a duet with myself — just for fun. 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing the book, please see this link or email me at Thank you for your support!